submission guide




Activated by and in support of ruangrupa’s invocation for Documenta 15, lumbung, which translates from Indonesian to a communal rice barn, we wish to extend the narrative theme of collective sharing and nourishment to the public, to cultivate a community of artists and non-artists alike, from varied economic, academic and occupational backgrounds, cultural contexts and lived experiences.

We invite interested participants to submit multimedia expressions, ranging from text, image and video to interactive games or 3D sculpture, to be shown as guerrilla projections during Documenta 15 in Kassel this July.

We want to hear from people whose work engages critically with the global immigration policy and refugee crisis: from those traveling north from Central and South America, to citizens from Ukraine seeking refuge from the recent Russian invasion, to those relocating to Europe from the Middle East and North Africa, and beyond. We encourage submissions from people affected by these situations, as well as those who work in solidarity with marginalized peoples of the world.

undocumenta is aligned with the voices and struggles of the people, using technology as a mechanism to disrupt extractive, unequal capitalist regimes and amplify the grievances of the global 99%.


Submissions might include agitprop, visions of hope, incantations of resistance, subversive, participatory games – and anything you can imagine disrupting the institutional setting of an internationally renowned art exhibition, such as Documenta. The goal of this call is to give visibility to those who otherwise don’t have access to this public platform. Note that it is free to submit, but we cannot pay any honorariums for participating artists.

Your submission should include your name, a short bio, website, and social media handles (if you have them). We accept all forms of digital media, including images, videos, 3d models, etc. There is no wrong media so long as it can be projected or put on our website. Include your media as attachment(s) and use undocumenta submission as the subject line sent to: submissions@undocumenta.art.